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Katharine Maddock

ARAD, RAD, RTS (SOLO SEAL), Silver Swan Licence


Katharine is an accomplished and highly skilled ballet dancer, teacher, and artist, whose journey in the world of dance and entertainment is truly remarkable. Originally from Sydney, Katharine honed her craft at the Ransley Ballet and Dance Centre in Queensland, where she studied full-time ballet and earned the prestigious solo-seal award, the highest RAD examination award. 


Her talent and dedication soon earned her recognition, and she went on to perform as a soloist with the Gold Coast City Youth Ballet, and with renowned international ballet companies in “The Ballet Gala.” She was also a guest artist at the World Expo 88 at River Stage, where she left an indelible impression with her exceptional talent. Katharine’s outstanding performances at the Sydney Opera House, where she annually performed in 14 pre-Christmas shows, and her victory as the state Irish Dancing champion in further cemented her reputation as a versatile and gifted dancer. 


At the age of 16, Katharine embarked on a chapter in her journey, traveling to London to train at The Royal Ballet School. There, she showcased her talent on a global stage by competing in the Genée International Ballet Competition as a finalist and performing for the Duchess of Kent.


Upon her return to Australia, Katharine moved to the Gold Coast, where she continued to dazzle audiences with her performances at Conrad Jupiter’s Casino in ‘Hollywood Legends’ and ‘Life from the Roosevelt.’ In 1995, she became a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), earning a distinction for her outstanding contributions. 


Driven by her passion for teaching, Katharine eventually became the principal and artistic director of her own school, where she nurtured the talents of many aspiring dancers. Her exceptional skills and talent soon took her to Paris where she joined the Moulin Rouge as a soloist and also featuring in the Pas De Deux and Pas De Trois. During this time, she also appeared in various television commercials, the Soccer World Cup and worked professionally as a model worldwide, showcasing her remarkable versatility and flair. 


With her impressive portfolio of accomplishments, Katharine’s talents extend far beyond dance. She is also a certified makeup artist, holding a Diploma of applied science in Beauty Therapy, and a sales consultant for high-end fashion brands such as Oscar De Le Renta and Chanel. 


Katharine’s love for dance is infectious, and she is known for working on an individual level with her students to refine technique and enhance artistry. Her passion for her craft and dedication to her students have earned her the immense respect and admiration of many, making her a true inspiration in the world of dance and entertainment. 

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